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Translatorion – we’re a pair of translators who have a lot in common: many years’ experience, professional approach to the client, respect for language, and love for cats (and CATs).

Since our sets of skills and areas of expertise complement each other, we are able to offer you fully comprehensive translation services.

We translate from English, Spanish, and Polish.

Paweł Woźnikowski


I earned an M.A. in English Linguistics and B.A. in Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. I’ve been translating professionally since 2013, specialising in technical translation: manuals and technical documentation of industry machinery or software. Apart from these, I translate other texts requiring extraordinary precision and focus: contracts, agreements, and terms and conditions as well as scientific texts. In my free time, I enjoy reading a great variety of books and hiking in a great variety of mountains.

Martyna Szczepaniak-Woźnikowska


I’m a graduate of Translation Studies at the UNESCO Chair for Translation and Intercultural Communication at the Jagiellonian University, Kraków, specialising in English and Spanish. I fell in love with translation when I was a teenager and started working in this profession already at the university. I translate texts related to culture, art, design, and broadly understood humanities as well as tourist brochures or articles and texts on new technologies. With a knack for copywriting, I’m skilled at creative translation of marketing texts. I love learning languages and reading in all of them.



Born and educated as philologists, we have a very meticulous attitude to language. We believe that even in the times of visual culture, language is the main means of communication which enables you to reach your professional and private goals. Thanks to our competence and experience, not to mention the love for languages, we can help you find your way in the constellations of foreign signs, sounds, and sentences.



We take great care to guarantee the top-notch quality of our work and to make the translation the best rendering of the original. We help you communicate and we make sure the communication between us and clients is also smooth, clear, and fruitful. We are not afraid to ask questions and we are happy to answer yours, because we believe direct and effective cooperation really matters.



Impeccable terminology and grammar are the basis of a clear message. The reader must have no problems understanding a translated text. We do our best to provide you with the most accurate translations, free from the tiniest typos. We know that it is crucial to maintain a proper register and style, adapted to a given situation and audience. Each text you receive from us has been checked and verified twice to assure pinpoint accuracy: first by the translator, then by the proofreader.



Punctuality is key. We are aware that all our clients want their translations done not only well but also on time – without any sudden shifts of deadlines, without delays, without dodging. We respect your needs and take them seriously. At the same time, we always make it clear how much time is needed to submit a solid and spot-on translation.

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Let’s translate something!

Let’s translate something!

Comprehensive language services



Post-editing and reviewing

Post-editing and reviewing

Revising and proofreading

Revising and proofreading


Language consultation sessions

Glossary creation

Glossary creation

We specialise in

We translate technical documentations and specifications, instruction manuals, industrial software user manuals, material safety data sheets, descriptions of the scope of construction works, technical offers and bids, industry investment analyses, quality assurance reports, descriptions of scientific experiments, occupational health and safety procedures, and other documents and materials concerning machines and installations. We also translate texts about new technologies, especially blogs and other online articles related to software development and UX design. We provide proofreading and editing services for these texts.

We translate various types of contracts and agreements (including sales and purchase agreements, lease and rental contracts, project and cooperation contracts, licences); terms and conditions for a number of services and online shops; grant and scholarship applications; reports and statements; internal business and training documentation for companies.

We translate texts related to marketing, promotion, public relations, and advertising, always making sure the end message is conveyed in a clear, attractive, and culturally adapted way in the target language. We translate websites; product and service catalogues; brochures, leaflets, and offers; newsletters, blogs, and social media posts. We also proofread and edit already existing texts, with a special focus on style.

We translate leaflets and brochures for tourists as well as other publications which promote tourism in various regions. We also translate press articles and websites connected with travelling. We always make sure the text is an invitation for travellers to visit a given place, at the same time providing clear information about the crucial geographical and cultural facts.

In particular, we translate catalogue and exhibition descriptions for museum and gallery objects and exhibits, museum labels and captions, as well as other texts concerning graphic design and industrial design. We also translate notes and articles about cultural events and artistic performances and other texts related to art, culture, and design. Last but not least, we translate subtitles for videos and games.

We translate research papers, abstracts, and other academic texts, in particular in the field of the humanities (philosophy and logic, literary studies and linguistics, ethnology and ethnography, anthropology and sociology, psychology and pedagogy). We translate popular-science texts in these areas as well. We also cooperate with technical universities. Moreover, we proofread academic texts written in Polish or in English.

We translate CVs, applications, covering letters, letters of intent, letters of recommendation, personal questionnaires, job adverts, text accompanying portfolios, business correspondence, training materials, and other resources which support recruitment and L&D processes, both for candidates and employers.

What kind of translation do you need?

What kind of translation do you need?


LanguagesStandard translationExpress translationStandard revisionExpress revision
  • The prices are given in EUR. The final cost of an order may vary in accordance with the current PLN/EUR exchange rate. We issue VAT invoices in EUR.
  • The prices are given for one standard page, i.e. 1800 characters including spaces. If you prefer, we can calculate the final cost for a 250-word standard page. The minimum quote for translation is one standard page.
  • The prices for revision cover texts that have not been translated by us. The standard price for a translation made by us includes proofreading by another translator.
  • We also offer review, editing, and proofreading services. Their prices are set individually, based on the revision rates.
  • Subtitle translation is priced like standard translation, based on character/word count.
  • Other types of audio-visual translation are priced for one act, i.e. 10 minutes of the video. One act is the minimum quote for translation in this case. The final cost is calculated for each new act.
  • There are two kinds of services we offer:
    • standard mode – translation of up to 8 standard pages during one workday; orders placed until 2 p.m. during a workday;
    • express mode – translation of more than 8 standard pages during one workday; orders placed after 2 p.m. with a deadline for the next workday; orders placed before 2 p.m. with a deadline on the same workday; orders placed before Saturday or a holiday with a deadline for Monday or the closest workday after the holiday.
  • Workdays are days from Monday to Friday except public holidays in Poland.
  • In case of specialised translations, the prices are set individually for each project.
  • The prices and deadlines of all orders are set individually, taking into account the prices listed above and other factors and circumstances (type and subject of the text, legibility and editability of the source file, deadline).

If you need a different kind of a translation or linguistic service, not mentioned in the price list, just let us know. We are happy to help!

Contact us to order translation

Contact us to order translation

Our clients

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As we have cooperated with Translatorion numerous times, also in the case of texts which required a great amount of expert knowledge, we could see that all the translations were done in a solid and professional manner. We are fully satisfied with our cooperation and we recommend Translatorion as a flexible and trustworthy partner, ensuring on-time delivery and reliable services.


Translatorion are the most caring translators I’ve ever met. They take care not only to deliver a precise translation but also to let us know why they have made particular linguistic choices. All the translations and editions that we ordered were done in a professional, impeccable, and meticulous way. Even though they had to deal with specialised texts connected with ethnography, they coped with them perfectly. The communication with the translators was smooth, direct, and friendly.

Anna Krężelok, Stowarzyszenie Serfenta

We have cooperated with Translatorion in terms of translation and proofreading of various types of documents and resources – from extended grant applications to European funding centres to casual press notes. The communication with the translators has always been smooth, kind, and professional. I am sure we will use the services offered by the company again in the future.

Zofia Horszczaruk, Nowe Horyzonty

Accurate and reliable translations when it comes to both grammar and subject matter. Smooth and professional communication within the project. Our cooperation has always been positive and the translated texts are always delivered on time. Another thing that we do appreciate is the linguistic feedback we receive from Translatorion, which shows their careful involvement in each task. Definitely recommended!

Magdalena Wermińska, HCM Deck

It’s good when your translators are like partners to your organisation: not only do they translate the text professionally, but they also analyse it thoroughly and provide feedback on what could be changed or improved to read better. And they do it quickly and reliably, with a great linguistic sense and awareness. Cooperating with Translatorion is always a positive experience for us.

Beata Mońka, Zamek Cieszyn

Translatorion works smart: proactively and quickly. We’ve cooperated since 2014 – Martyna and Paweł are always open and helpful; they suggest multiple solutions and offer comprehensive linguistic support. Their translations and revisions are based on insightful understanding of the nature of a given business.

Leszek Pietrzkiewicz

I can recommend Translatorion to all of you who need high-quality, well-thought-out translation services: smart, worthwhile, and insightful. Martyna and Paweł pay a lot of attention to the details so that you can be sure that everything has been translated as best as possible.

Urszula Szwed, Dinksy

During the 12 months of our cooperation with Translatorion, Martyna and Paweł demonstrated amazing accuracy and linguistic aptness – not to mention the impeccable timeliness. They were open and friendly and easily adapted to the tools used in our company. Their proofreading services were not limited to simple corrections: we could always count on additional comments and suggestions regarding style, register, and cohesion of the texts.

Michał Sędzielewski, Rspective

Translatorion Translation Agency creates complex text translations for Fabryka Dekoracji. These include contracts as well as textual materials related to various fields which are then presented at various exhibitions prepared by our company. Due to the nature of our work, the translated texts must be accessible to the visitors of the exhibitions, at the same time requiring specialist knowledge from the translators. The translators at Translatorion definitely meet these requirements. What is more, they always react quickly and are able to perform professional tasks working under time pressure.

Katarzyna Wincenciak, Fabryka Dekoracji