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zdjęcie Paweł i Martyna Translatorion

This is us, Translatorion.

Martyna and Paweł, Paweł and Martyna. We are translators, philologists, and linguists. Through this blog, we’d like to show you what it actually means.

We live together and we work together. And we believe it pretty lucky to have a job that involves what we love most, i.e. language in its various meanings.

Our daily work consists in tinkering with thousands of words and combining them to create meaningful stories, understood by people from different countries and cultures. As we give that a lot of thought – and talk – we eventually decided to start writing about that. To translate our thoughts into texts for you.

And who are these texts for? For anyone interested! For our present and future clients; for other professional and aspiring translators; for people interested in languages and anything related; and for those who are not interested for now but may become so in the future thanks to us.

What are these texts about? No, not about everything. We write about translators’ work; about the cooperation of translators and their clients; about why we love languages; about the technical and behind-the-scenes aspects of our work; about teaching and learning languages; about the diverse and surprising dimensions of how, what, and why human beings speak; last but not least – about many other topics regarding culture, communication, and cats, because we are sure they are all covertly or overtly interrelated.

There are numerous myths surrounding languages, grammar, and literature. We do not wish to dispel and deconstruct all of them, but we will certainly be very happy if we manage to change your perspective at least a little bit.

Stay tuned!


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